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DV Cranes are designed as per the specification of customers and their needs as per Indian Standard specification IS 807-2006, IS: 3177-1999 & IS: 800-1984.
The mission of DV Crane is to provide economical & highly efficient with best quality cranes & services. Our goal is to build unrivalled partnership with and to provide value for our customers.
We have modern manufacturing facilities with equipments of latest technology, expertise & a highly confident experienced qualified professional which is the real strength of DV Cranes.
Our Cranes are best suited for power plants, rolling mills, construction, steel plants, ware houses, foundry, container yard etc.
DV Cranes are designed for various classes of duties.
  Class I - Light Duty Cranes
    Used for light repair & maintenance shop, warehouse, assembly purpose
  Class II - Medium Duty Cranes
    Used for machined shops & general industrial use.
  Class III - Heavy Duty Cranes
    Used for heavy machine shops, paper mills, fabrication shops, railway goods yards.
  Class IV - Extra Heavy Duty Cranes
    Used for continuous operation in steel mills & other heavy engineering purposes.
  E.O.T Cranes – Single Girder or Double Girder
    These cranes move on the gantry rails fixed on top of the gantry girders. In this type 3 common motions are incorporated namely Hoist, Cross Traverse & Long Traverse. Sometimes according to the customers requirement auxiliary Hoist & Micro motions are also incorporated. Hoist & C.T. machineries are fitted on common frame called crab, which moves on rails fixed on the crane girders.
  Goliath Cranes
    Goliath or Gantry cranes differ from E.O.T cranes since they move on the rails fixed at ground level as compared to rails fixed at a height for E.O.T cranes. These are invariably used for outdoor duly as in stockyards and dam sites.
  Grabbing Cranes
    For handling bucket materials like fertilizers, chemicals, coal, lime-stone, gypsum, clinker, sand, ore, grains etc Grabbing cranes are used. The hoisting-cum-grabbing machinery of these cranes consists of two identical drivers controlled by a common controller.
  Bracket Cranes
    These cranes are mounted and run on a set of 3 parallel rails fixed on one side of the gantry structure. The crane girders overhang as Cantilevers over which the normal crab runs. These cranes are extensively used in machine shops and foundries besides, the normal E.O.T cranes, for handling smaller loads near the sides of the shop bay.
Component Parts of Crane
A crane consists of the following main parts
Bridge Girders End Carriage Platforms Crane Travelling Mechanism
Crab Cabin & Electrical Equipment        
Bridge Girders
A crane bridge consists of a welded, riveted or machine bolted structure which is composed of a single girder or double girder. These form the main supporting members for all dead and live load.
End Carriages
These house the L.T wheels, driving as well as idle wheels and support the girders at the ends.
These provide support for the L.T machinery and sometimes for the electrical panels also. They provide walking space along the span of the crane.
We also manufacture the following items as per the customer’s specification & requirement.
Electric Wire Rope Hoist
Crab Trolley
Goods Lift
Manual Crab Winch
Electric Wire Rope Winch Machine
Electric Chain Hoist
Chain Pulley Block